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There is nothing better for your garden

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Watch this short clip on the history and benefits of BioChar

Make a change that will help for a thousand years

Mulch decays, fertilizers dilute and run off with the rain. These and other products need to be replenished yearly. BioChar stays active where you put it for over a thousand years. BioChar is the home for the helpful microbes your mulch brings to your soil. BioChar holds the fertilzers you put into your garden and prevents it from leaching away with the rain.

By using BioChar, you are taking carbon that was destined to be released into our atmosphere causing rising global temperatures, and locking that carbon in the ground. Please read more on Carbon sequestration

A Healthy Planet

Carbon Sequestration

We appreciate your buisness

Our products will help you achieve your goals of producing healthy plants, improving your soil, and doing your part to keep our planet healthy for many years to come.

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